Dec 29

2020 E Bikes in stock now!

Devron double disc folding EBike.

Devron double disc folding EBike.

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Ladies and gents models available.

Ladies and gents models available.

Oct 12

Michaels Beccles cycle centre and the environment.

It has come to our attention, that a few misguided and uninformed people are attempting to portray the shop and ourselves as having little or no regard for the planet on which we live….
However, I can assure all of you that we are and have been for the last 10 years carbon neutral.

This includes, trade in cycles, repaired and resold wherever possible, limiting environmental impact, led lighting, small amount of low energy electric heating and careful recycling of all our waste, in the correct manner, either by ourselves or through our business partners.

The shop has served Beccles well over the last 33 years through thick and thin and we will continue to be there working with the community and environmental groups for years to come.

We thank you for your continued support,

Michaels, Beccles cycle centre.

Jun 11

Devron bikes in stock again for 2020

May 12

Our intrepid customers.

Michaels cycles has been the Beccles bike shop since the early 1980’s, over the last 10 years of ownership we have met and continue to meet customers who push themselves and their bikes to extremes.

One such customer is Alan Tuthill.

On one of his many visits to 2 Smallgate last year Alan informed us of his plans for the following day.

His plan was not just to enter and complete the Cambridge 100 charity ride, but he was also going to bike to the start line, at this point, Callum and myself looked at Alan and knowing he didn’t have a car, let alone a driving licence, I casually asked him how he planned to get home after his epic 180 mile ride?

i’m biking back he calmly said…….

At this point I gave him a business card and said, Alan, your bonkers, but, if you need any help tomorrow or a lift , call me and I’ll pick you up.

The following day passed, no call.

The following week Alan turned up in the shop and told us he completed the ride to Cambridge starting at 1am, slept a bit under a hedge as he was first one at the start and successfully completed the 100. He made new friends (the astonished riders who found him under the hedge). They then told him, “your not riding home, we are giving you a lift”!

So next time you think, my god 20 miles is a long way, bear a thought for the grim determination of one Alan Tuthill of Beccles, a true Michaels hero.



Feb 25

Kross bikes in stock for 2020

Once again, we are stocking Kross bikes for 2019.

Kross are an up and coming brand now established in the UK and growing.

They have an outstanding model range and offer outstanding value for money.

Once again, we offer 0% finance packages to facilitate purchases.

Free 6 week service, Free delivery.

May 01

We offer 0% finance on all products.

We are now pleased to announce we are able to offer 0% interest free finance on all products and purchases over £250. please email helpfixmybike@gmail for details or call shop on 01502717413.


Electric bike price £1200

Deposit £500  12 monthly payments of  £58.33

£500 bike

Deposit £200

12 monthly payments of  just £25 !!

Feb 26

Rachels electric recumbent trike.

Michaels are proud to have supplied  a specially  adapted version of one of our Performer recumbent trikes.

Following an article in the EDP, we contacted owner Rachel and offered to make custom modifications to one of our performer recumbent trikes.

Modifications include parking brake and assist handles, mirrors and high power LED lighting.

We also fitted a Bafang retro fit electric motor and controls, giving the trike an assisted range of appx 25 miles, depending on the distance and terrain.

It has given Rachel mobility again, allowing her to get out on the road and once again enjoy her old hobby of cycling.